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more CATEGORIES in "Make a suggestion"#293

As the title said,
To make it more easy for devs sorting and organizing ideas and bugs and whatnot.

Mostly for folks who enjoy the game can make it clear for the devs.


  • Characters
  • Aliens/Enemies
  • Defenses
  • Items (tertiary items such as Medkit, E-Stim, other helpful items…)
  • Levels/Maps (add the “Maps” after “Levels” for less confusion)
  • Skins/Outfits/Cosmetics (same as above)
  • Sounds
  • Balancing
  • Bugs/Glitches
I got ADHD
a year ago

Actually for

  • Balancing.


  • Bugs/Glitches.

should make another tab inbetween the “Home” and “Progress” tab.

I got ADHD
a year ago