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SCREAM for help or heard a special drone#294

Except of a HUD indicator when you got pounced/picked, there is no better way to know a Thresher is jumping on your teammates or Whiplash just picked you up.

Generally making your teammates more helpful when they are in trouble.

SUGGESTION for various type of Special Drones:

  • THRESHER: “Help! This mofo is ripping me off!”
  • SAPPER: “Punch it before shoot it!”
  • ENRAGER: “There’s an Enrager around here… My spider sense is tingling……”
  • BEAST: “It’s chasing me! Shoot the back! SHOOT AT ITS BACK!!!”
  • BLACKOUT: “Watch out for its orbs, get ready to dodge!” (btw orbs fly too fast, slow it down pls)
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